Debt Collection


Debt Collection

Jenkins Law Firm, PC strives to set the highest standard for successful and ethical Debt Collection by providing creditors, business owners, investors, and individuals owed money with cost-effective streamlined collections and litigations services. We combine cutting edge technology with well-trained professionals to deliver exceptional services and the highest possible recovery.

Jenkins Law Firm, PC tailors its representation services to fit the clients’ business needs. While we prioritize compliance over collections, we recognize there are different collection styles. We work with our clients to develop the best approach for recovering on their particular type of debt.

Jenkins Law Firm, PC is a one-stop shop for all Debt Collection needs by providing law-firm based collection agency services and litigation representation in the following:

In Debt Collection time is money. The longer the debt is outstanding the less likely the money will be recovered. In just two years, your expected recovery rate can drop from 95% to a mere 9%.

Dallas Debt Collection Law Firm

Since transitioning his legal career into serving as a full-time court-appointed Turnover Receiver, Robert Jenkins is no longer accepting new Debt Collection matters unless he is serving as a court’s Receiver collecting on a Judgment.

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